Welcome to the shack of NG9R. Take a look around and drop me a line if you have any comments.

My name is Danny Pease, and I have been licensed for over 25 years. I have held the calls KA9KAL, KC9OA and I have held NG9R for over 25 years.

I enjoy a variety of aspects of Amateur Radio and this site will reflect those interests. I also seem to buy and sell equipment, not necessarily for profit, but I enjoy trying different combinations. The current station is a Yaesu FT-950, plus multiple radios/transverters for VHF and UHF. My antenna system at home (EN40la) is almost non-existant, a couple of wires for HF and small, low beams for 6, 2 and 432.

I really enjoy weak signal work above 50 MHz and I am capable of operating 6 meters, 2 meters, 222, 432, 903 and 1296, although currently I need to do some antenna work. I do most of my "serious" operating from N9JF's place (EM49), where I have put most of my resources into building a nice VHF/UHF antenna system, along with a modest contest station for HF. Check out the Photo Album page for some pictures of N9JF's antenna farm. I dabble with digital modes, mostly WSJT, and I am always playing with different hardware. My next project will be getting my old 600 watt solid state 2 meter amplifier back on-line, and waiting in the wings is a 903 solid state amplifier from a converted analogue cellular amplifier.

I also enjoy contesting, chasing DX, observing propagation and playing with antennas. It never ceases to amaze me what can be done with wire antennas. I enjoy public service communications, storm spotting and emergency communications (I am currenlty the EC for Adams County, IL). I am trustee and QSL manager for club calls W9AWE and W9OAB.

I am a member of the Western Illinois ARC, Great River DX Association, Hannibal ARC, KC VHF Grid Bandits, Central States VHF Society, ARRL and Society of Midwest Contesters.

I currently sysop DX spotting node NG9R, a VE7CC Cluster node. You can conenct to it via telnet at ng9r.homeip.net port 23.

If you want to leave a comment, drop me a line here and I'll get back to you.

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